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Radio Mi Amigo International Europe's No.1 Oldies station - Bringing back the Gilden Era of Offshore Free Radio. Broadcasting daily on Shortwave 6085 kHz from 9:00 - 19:00 [cet] and 24/7 online via 4 intercontinental HD audiostreams

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It is that unique and special experience of RMAI's DJs, that makes it possible to run a radio station in 2022 that distinguishes itself in so many ways from today's offer. Off-beat and unconventional, with an emphasis on the essence of pop music and with a big nod to the offshore stations and 'the Golden Era of Free Radio', in the good tradition of Radio Caroline, Radio London and Radio Luxembourg. Augustus 1967 The station emphasizes that its name refers solely to the legendary radio ship: the mv Mi Amigo, that served the longest of all the 'pirates', and where many of its DJ veterans started out their careers in radio. Confusing as it may sound, it never pretended to be a 'continuation' of the old Flemish station 'Radio Mi Amigo', or to revive it. Radio Mi Amigo International is broader than that. Its programs are aimed at a much larger, multilingual audience, even in countries and continents where offshore radio stations were never present. The Dutch language plays a subordinate role and Flemish is even completely absent.

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